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Harvard Academic Positions

Welcome to ARIES, the on-line portal for academic hiring at Harvard. Thank you for considering an academic position within a university community that I'm confident will bring you opportunities as energizing as the talents you bring to us.

As a potential member of a learning enterprise that is over 375 years old, I hope that in seeking an academic position at Harvard you will find a shared appreciation for the remarkable resilience and creative power of universities. They root us in our knowledge and experience of the past, keeping us attentive to the long term and offering a perspective on the future. They present us with opportunities to contribute what we can to a better, more humane, more intelligible world.

Some of us do our part through a devotion to improving human health or investigating climate change; others, by considering how law and policy can advance justice or by finding new meaning in timeless texts or great works of art; still others, by analyzing economic upheavals and devising means to address them. We each work and learn in different parts of Harvard—but all of us share an opportunity to demonstrate, through the imaginative pursuit of knowledge, why our universities embody society's most enduring investment in the future. I welcome your partnership in that pursuit.

Judith D. Singer
Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity
and James Bryant Conant Professor of Education